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  1. SHOES are to be worn at all times, including classes, workshops, parking lot, field, and Assembly hall.
  2. NO FLIP FLOPS. If a student comes to school with flip flops, the parent will be called to bring other shoes to school for the student.
  3. Skirts, skorts, and shorts must extend to no less than a dollar bill's width above the knee and not tight.
  4. Students may not wear halter, spaghetti-string tank, or cropped, tight, or low cut tops. (No bare skin may show when arms are raised; undergarments must NOT show in front, under arms, or on shoulders.) Straps of all clothing must be at least the width of a dollar bill.
  5. Jeans and pants must be free of holes (even if mended or patched), frays, and ragged edges. Pants must be worn at waist level. Baggy pants can be worn but must not hang below the natural waist, and UNDERGARMENTS MUST NOT BE VISIBLE. This still applies for Friday classes and science labs.
  6. Sleep attire (including pajamas or bedroom slippers) is not allowed.
  7. No chains, ropes, or wires can hang from pants or belts.
  8. Clothing may not have printing or pictures relating to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, sex, distasteful or offensive insignia, gang symbols, or rock bands.
  9. Leggings are allowed.
  10. The wearing of an uncovered undershirt, t-shirts with cut-off sleeves, and tank tops (for both genders) are all prohibited.
  11. The wearing of caps, hats, or hoods on the head is not allowed on campus or in the building. Any student wearing any of these head coverings will have the head covering confiscated until the end of the semester.
  12. No skate shoes are allowed on campus.
  13. Earrings and small, tasteful nose studs are the only piercings allowed on campus.

We believe it is the PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure students are dressed neatly and modestly. Please familiarize yourself with ECA acceptable dress standards and train your student to comply.


Administration and teachers have the prerogative and contractual obligation of informing students when certain attire may not be in accordance with our standards of modesty and neatness, even though the attire does not specifically violate one of the points of the dress code. If a student comes to school improperly dressed, they must change clothes before returning to class and the parent notified to bring a change of clothing. Wearing of pants with holes in them will result in the student wearing dress pants for a two week period.