Evans Christian Academy- Preparing your student for college and life.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Evans Christian Academy accredited?
    Yes. ECA is accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission.
  2. Are graduating ECA seniors eligible for the HOPE scholarship?
    Yes, students graduating with an ECA degree are eligible, and are subject to the same requirements as public school students.
  3. What colleges have students from ECA attended?
    Please see our attended colleges list for a nearly complete listing.
  4. Does ECA provide 180 days of classroom instruction?
    As an accredited school, ECA has 180 days of classroom instruction for full-time students.
  5. Are ECA students considered homeschool students or private school students?
    ECA full-time students are considered private school students. Part-time students are considered homeschool students, since their parents must be augmenting their classes with other curriculum.
  6. When may students leave campus?
    Parents may take their students off campus as needed. Seniors are permitted to drive off campus in between classes, provided they sign in/out. All students with driver's licenses are permitted to drive themselves to and from school, but may not leave campus without their parent before their classes are over for the day.
  7. How should students use their time in-between classes?
    The best use for in-between class time is to work on class assignments. The Assembly Room is available to do schoolwork in. Students are to refrain from loitering in the hallways and around the buildings.
  8. Is ECA affiliated with a particular church or Christian denomination?
    Although ECA is a Christian school, it is not a part of any specific denomination. Students of any faith, Christian or not, are welcomed at ECA, provided they follow Judeo-Christian ethics.
  9. What type of teachers are employed at ECA?
    All ECA teachers have at least a bachelor's degree; many have higher degrees.
  10. How do part-time classes work?
    In keeping with its homeschool roots, ECA offers part-time classes for homeschoolers. Because the student is not full-time, ECA can only validate those classes taken at the school. Report cards are provided to the parents as verification of these classes, and transcripts are provided for other schools and univerities.
  11. What happens if my student gets a failing grade on his/her report card?
    Just like at any other school, failing grades result in needing to retake the course unless it can be substituted. Because ECA determines passing grades on a per-semester basis, it is possible for a student to pass first semester and fail the second. In cases like this, private tutoring with a teacher is usually an acceptable way to make up the lost credits.
  12. Does ECA offer summer school?
    ECA does offer summer school, primarily in the subjects of mathematics, science, and english.
  13. Does the school provide tutoring services?
    Tutoring will be available at the school for an hourly fee from 3-4 pm and 4-5 pm. Please contact the school office for more information.
  14. Are students required to do schoolwork outside class hours?
    Yes. ECA's classes are structured around an A/B block schedule in which each class does not meet every single day. Instead, teachers give assignments that are to be completed by students outside of class time. Some work that might be done in class in a standard school may be given as an assignment.
  15. What type of diplomas does ECA offer?
    ECA offers both College Prep (24 credit) and General (23 credit) diplomas. The exact diploma requirements are listed in the diploma requirements page.