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Ensemble and Chorus Required Materials

Ensemble Class

For beginning and experienced middle and high school band students, string students, piano/keyboard students, and electric bass.

  • Soprano Recorder - Available at Kirkwood's Music for $8.99 (Yamaha). Kirkwood's phone number: 706-863-1542.
  • "The New Nine Note Recorder Method" spiral bound (2005) by Penny Gardner, $11 plus shipping from www.ninenote.com
  • Portable, folding music stand. (around $18 at local retailers)

For beginning band students: Please bring "Essential Elements Book 1" 2000 edition with DVD ($8.99 at Kirkwoods).

For those already playing any instrument (wind or string): Please bring your "Essential Elements Book 1" 2000 edition with DVD.

Pianists/keyboardists should bring a sample of music that you play and will have opportunity to accompany the ensembles. Get "Essential Elements Book 1" piano accompaniment for BAND.

Electric Bass Guitar is also needed (beginner). Get "Essential Elements Book 1" 2000 edition for Electric Bass Guitar.

Middle/High School Mixed Chorus

Please bring black pocket folders.