September 29, 2004

Dear Freida:

Just a quick note to say Thank You! John Ryan started automotive school at Augusta Tech this past July. He took the entrance exam and passed with flying colors, no remedial classes needed. He just completed the 1st session and passed with straight B's. I could not be more proud of him, he is up every morning at the crack of dawn by himself with no prompting from Mom, have not heard a word about stomach problems and he is so content and happy. He and Amanda are still going out, she too is doing very well at ASU. Also, John Ryan has moved back home to my house, I am so very happy. Please pray for us, after all these years of worry the boy seems to have found his place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart you kept my child in a safe, encouraging, teaching and Christian environment when everyone else was ready to give up on him. You are doing wonderful things for all these students who just don't fit the norm. Keep up the great work and thank all the teachers who played a role in John Ryan's recent success.

PS: John Ryan talks all the time about wanting to come and see you but he is in school form 8 to 2 and he will not skip a class. Can you believe that?

-- Philomena Mooney, mother of John Ryan Mooney