July 29, 2009

When I first came to ECA in 2005, I was just looking for a place to get me out of the awful environment of public school. My first year at ECA was a hectic one. I had a lot going on in my life and went through a period of deep depression, and as a result I missed at least two months of school that year. Because of the supportive, comforting, and accommodating staff at ECA, I was able to pass. With all my teachers praying for me, letting me make up my work, understanding my situation, and even offering to tutor me at home, I was able to come back to school and prosper. Over my years at ECA, I have come to know the staff and students as my second family. With my Junior year coming up, my 5th year at ECA, I know there is no better school for me. I will always support them in what they aim to do because I want to see other lives changed by their love and kindness. There is no other place I'd rather graduate from. :) ECA has truly changed my life for the better.

-- Becca Reed, Class of 2011