August 4, 2007

Dear Freida,

I am writing a note of thanks as we pack to take Rachel to Mercer University where she begins a new chapter in her life. As you know she earned a scholastic scholarship based on her academic success at Evans Christian and performance on the SAT. She will also receive the Baptist Heritage Grant. Equally as important as those achievements which enable her to attend Mercer is the growth and maturity she experience in her two years at ECA.

Rachel graduated from Episcopal Day School and attended Augusta Prep before she came to ECA. I was in search of a Christian high school because I was not pleased with her performance or behavior at Prep. I know the 9th grade and separation from friends and teachers she had been with for several years played a part in her change in attitude, along with her age and stage of life.

As I said at graduation after Rachel spoke, to me ECA stands for "every child achieves." She needed just what you offered - the atmosphere where every child has the opportunity to excel at his or her level with one on one instruction, direction, and encouragement.

You probably don't remember that first meeting I had with you before I brought Rachel in for an interview, but I certainly will never forget it. As I told you then, Rachel is my creative child and can create trouble where there isn't any. She is smart, creative and fearless, and until she was tested by Jodi Frye, I would never have believed she had any learning deficiencies. Her ability and the guidance she had received through 8th grade kept her focused... and then high school hit!

As I said at graduation, Rachel was never a threat to anyone but herself. Although she began her studies at ECA on a probationary status, that quickly passed. What we found at ECA was an exceptional learning environment where my child could get refocused and yet you offered the freedom to attend classes and come and go, which has been a wonderful transition for college life. Rachel matured and grew in her academic knowledge and love for the Lord through the firm but fair protocols you have in place.

I wish you all the best as I know the school is destined for even greater things in the near future. Do not hesitate to call me if I can do anything to help support ECA because you and your staff supported my child in a way I can never forget.

-- Mary Wasden, mother of Rachel Ramsey