About Us


 Evans Christian Academy (ECA) is a non-profit, educational institution whose skilled instructors focus on providing students in the CSRA and surrounding area with excellent academic opportunities in a nurturing Christian environment. It is our mission for each student to expand his unique and varied talents in order to achieve his full potential as a well-rounded citizen in our ever changing community. In support of this mission we seek to provide a professional workplace of integrity and excellence for our faculty and staff as well as a learning environment for our students that is enriched by the collaborative efforts of parents, faculty, and administration. 


 The comprehensive purpose of Evans Christian Academy (ECA) is to provide the CSRA with a non-discriminating Christian education for grades 6th-12th with a positive environment based on a  college semester system. By blending conventional school curriculum with scheduling flexibility, students may enroll for one or more courses based on their educational level and goals. ECA provides complete academic programs including lab sciences and advanced placement classes as well as fine arts electives and club opportunities for full-time students and part-time home schooled students. ECA nurtures students to become young adults able to compete for the college of their choice. 


 ECA is accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). GAC is recognized by the Chancellor's Office of the University System of Georgia, the Technical College system of Georgia, and by HOPE scholarship officials. Graduating seniors enrolled in four core courses and who meet the HOPE requirements may be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship. The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) will determine HOPE eligibility. 


 ECA is an independent school, owned and operated by the Evans Christian Academy, Inc. The Advisory School Board is selected from among qualified candidates whose names are submitted by parents and other Board members. Among the primary duties of the Board is setting the governance polices of the Academy, direction and planning, financial stability of the institution, and defining the role of the Board and its committees. 


 The Director of Admissions, Mrs. Freida Lachman, founded Lachman Institute in 1991 when she started home-schooling and later began holding educational classes and workshops. In 1996 the Lachman Institute expanded to In Focus Church, with the use of one classroom. In July 2001, the Lachman Institute was incorporated and renamed as Evans Christian Academy, Inc. ECA expanded to use all available classrooms at In Focus Church, including the use of the fellowship hall and the nursery. In 2008, ECA moved to Crossbridge Baptist Church. ECA moved to its current location in Grovetown on South Old Belair Road in 2010. 


 Originally ECA existed to support families choosing to home educate their children by providing instruction to students in the more advanced subjects of mathematics, sciences, and language arts. Now a full curriculum of courses is available to students in the Middle School and High School grades. The student population has changed to the extent that nearly eighty percent of the student body is comprised of students coming from private or public schools. This increase in the number of non-home-schooled students can be attributed to parents seeking an environment more conducive for their children to learn by having smaller classroom sizes and the corresponding greater teacher attention.