Admissions Process

 Thank you for your interest in Evans Christian Academy. We encourage you and your student to visit the school to learn more about ECA. Please call for an appointment so that we can arrange for your student to visit classes. The admissions process begins with the submission of the admissions application and the admission fee (new students only), along with a copy of your student's certified birth certificate and latest report card. Once the admission process is complete, you will be notified of an interview appointment with the Director of Admissions. You will also be required to sign a records release form. After we have received and evaluated the student's previous school records, you will be advised of the enrollment status of your student. Upon acceptance, the family registration fee is due. At this time all required documents will be completed and the student will be scheduled into classes. Georgia Immunization Form 3231 must be on file by the first day of class. If enrollment is denied, the parent may make a written appeal to the Director of Admissions.

Blessings to you and your family,

The ECA Administrative Staff 

2017 - 2018 Tuition Payment Schedule & Policy

 Evans Christian Academy (ECA) offers four different payment plans each enrolling family may choose from at time of enrollment. The tuition may be paid in full at any time throughout the school year if desired. Please note that the tuition schedule excludes any registration fees, endowment fees, lunch fees and book fees. The base tuition will provide one free yearbook to each full-time student, national testing for full-time middle school students (every other year) and PSAT testing for full-time 11th grade high school students. Refer to ECA's fee schedule for specifics.Payments may be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. All fees paid are non-refundable. 

Payment Options: 

  1. Annual: One lump sum payment with a 3% discount due August 10th. 
  2. Semi-Annual:Two equal payments due August 10th & January 10th.
  3. 10 Month: 10 equal payments with interest due the 10th of each month, starting in August and ending in May. 
  4. 12 Month: 12 equal payments for full-time students only with interest due the 10th of each month, starting in June and ending in May. 

Tuition Payment Plans:

  • Grade Level:  9th-12th Annual Tuition: $7,250   Pay in full: $7,035    Semi-Annual: $3,625 x 2                   Ten Month: $755 x 10        Twelve Month: $630 x 12 
  • Grade Level:  7th and 8th Annual Tuition: $6,770   Pay in full: $6,570   Semi-Annual: $3,385 x 2                   Ten Month: $705 x 10        Twelve Month: $590 x 12 
  • Grade Level:  6th Annual Tuition: $6,500  Pay in full: $6,305   Semi-Annual: $3,250 x 2                      Ten Month: $678 x 10        Twelve Month: $565 x 12 

 Family Discount

A family discount program for full-time student tuition is available, please consult with the Director.


Tuition Payment Policy

  • All tuition payments are due on the 10th of each month.
    • If payment is not received by the due date of the month, a late fee of $25 will be added.
    • If payment is not received by the end of the current month, the student may not return to school until the account is current.
    • If your first semester payment is with a discount and you decide to go on a monthly schedule for the next semester, your payment plan will be based on the 10 month payment plan.
  • All fees associated with an extracurricular activity must be paid in full before a student may participate.
  • In case of withdrawal or expulsion, policy will be followed as stated in financial contract.
  • No student may register at ECA for the next academic year if any accounts remain unpaid.
  • A $100 fee will be charged per contract change once the tuition contract has been completed.
  • A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check.

Note: Report cards and/or student records will not be released until all accounts are paid or cleared by the Administrative Office.


Individual Course Fees

                                                                                             Language Arts

Grade 6: $800 per semester

Grades 7-8: $800 per semester

Grades 9 -12: $900 per semester

This includes British Literature, AP English with writing, and Language




Grades 6 -7: $500 per semester

Grade 8: Pre-Algebra $500 per semester

Grades 8-9: Algebra 1 $600 per semester

Grades 9-10: Algebra 1.5 $600 per semester

Grades 10-11: Algebra 2 $600 per semester

Grades 11-12: Business Math $600 per semester

Grades 11-12: Algebra 3 $600 per semester

Grades 11-12: Pre-Calculus $675 per semester

Grade 12: Calculus $675 per semester


Grade 6: Earth Science $500 per semester

Grade 7: Life Science $500 per semester

Grade 8: Physical Science $500 per semester

Grade 9: Health $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: Biology $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: Chemistry $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: Environmental Science $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: AP Environmental Science $900 per semester

Grades 9-12: Physics $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: Forensic Science $600 per semester

                                                                                         Social Science

Grades 6 -7: Social Studies $500 per semester

Grade 8: Georgia Studies $500 per semester

Grade 9: World History $600 per semester

Grade 10: Government $600 per semester

Grade 10: Economics $600 per semester

Grades 10-12: AP Government and Policies $900 per semester

Grades 11-12: US History $600 per semester

Grades 11-12: AP US History $900 per semester

Grades 11-12: Psychology $500 per semester

                                                                                         Foreign Language

Grades 6-7: Intro to Spanish and French $500 per semester

Grade 8: Spanish Basics $500 per semester

Grades 7-10: Spanish I $600 per semester

Grades 8-10: Spanish II $600 per semester

Grades 10-12: Spanish III $600 per semester

Grades 9-11: French I $600 per semester

Grades 10-12: French II $600 per semester


Grades 6-12: Bible $500 per semester

Grades 6-8: Mixed Media $500 per semester

Grades 6-12: Computer Applications $500 per semester

Grades 6-12: Recreational Education $400 per semester

Grades 6-12: Chorus $400 per semester

Grades 6-12: Theater/Drama $400 per semester

Grades 9-12: Mixed Media Art $600 per semester

Grades 9-12: Yearbook $600 per semester

Grades 10-12: Computer Graphic Design $500 per semester


 Part-time students who are enrolled in three or less credit hours will be charged the individual course fee per course per semester on a monthly basis (one-fifth of the total semester fee per month) for five months. If more than three courses are chosen, the regular tuition amount will be applied. Payments will begin in August. 


Miscellaneous Fees

Tutoring:  Tutoring is not included in tuition and must be arranged with the individual teacher. Price per hour of individual tutoring ranges from $20-$35.

Transcripts:  Official school transcripts cost $10 for the first copy and $5 for each subsequent transcript.

Parking:  Students are charged $15 per year to park in the ECA student parking lot.

General Supplies:  Students who do not bring in general supplies will be charged a one-time $35 fee.

Art Supplies:  Students will be charged $25 per semester.