One of the keys to successful academic achievement is regular attendance at school. Since we meet on a flexible schedule, an absence for one school day could be equivalent to the loss of two and a half days of instruction. A student can seldom make up or compensate for absences from class. Parents are urged to carefully evaluate any absence from school that is not necessitated by unavoidable circumstances. The school STRONGLY discourages taking extra days before or after a scheduled vacation, or anytime while school is in session. Requests and documentation for special even absences must be submitted to and approved by the Director of Admissions. 

Leaving Campus


 When leaving campus, students must use the Sign-In / Sign-Out Log Book that is located in the foyer on the shelf in front of the office. Students are required to sign-out whenever they leave the campus if it is during the school day and they have classes scheduled for the remainder of that day. Upon return, the students are then to sign-in. If a parent picks up their child during the school day in between scheduled classes, they are asked to sign their child out and in. The Log Book does not need to be used when a student leaves campus at the end of the day (driven by his parents or driving himself). 



 If the student is absent from school, the student will not be allowed to attend any evening social function at ECA on the day that he is absent.
Reporting Back to School After an Absence:

  • Upon returning to school after an unexcused absence, the student is to bring a signed note from his/her parents to the school office detailing the cause of the absence. The student is to take this note to each of his teachers to get them to initial it before returning it to the office at the end of the day. Students should make sure they make up all missed assignments.
  • A pre-arranged absence is an excused absence.
  • Absences due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Notes from parents for excused absences will only be accepted up to 30 days after the absence. Excuses from medical professionals (doctors, dentists) will be accepted at any time.

Excessive Absences



  • Upon notification to the Director of Admissions for excessive student absences, the student and parents/guardians will be requested to have a conference with the Director of Admissions. Excessive absences are defined at the discretion of the teacher. All cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments around your student's schedule to minimize absences.
  • Absences due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated by the Administration.
  • ECA is required by state law to report a student with more than ten (10) unexcused absences per semester in any course as noncompliant and will result in a withdrawal faliure for that course. Please avoid this situation by submitting doctor's notes to teachers and faculty to explain absences.
  • The State of Georgia's attendance requirements before a teen can receive a driving permit are described in the online TAADRA brochure.

Tardiness and Detentions


 Punctuality is a matter of primary importance in the education process. Students, when tardy, disrupt the educational process and jeopardize their own academic achievement. ALL ECA students must be in the classroom when the class begins. Continued tardiness is considered a disciplinary matter and will be handled accordingly.If a student has more than three (3) tardies per class in a marking periods, he/she will receive detention/work detail. An e-mail will be sent to the family. Detentions are served in the morning at 7:15 am on designated dates. To serve detentions after school, there will be a cost of $5.00! Detentions not served during the semester can be completed during exam week. As a last resort, the family can do a buy-down of $25.00 per assigned detention. After four (4) tardies, parents will be called for a conference. If a student is late returning to class from lunch, the student will lose any driving privileges during the school day for a two week period.



 Class periods are 55 minutes each and start at 8 AM. The remainder of the school day should be used for at-home school work and may also be used for scheduled field trips. All students should be picked up by 12:30 PM unless they are involved in a special activity.